“South African Photographer of the Year’s vision is to be known for promoting, inspiring and supporting South African photographers. We aim to exist because we care about conservation and hope that through awareness and art, we can encourage more conservation efforts within South Africa.”


South African Photographer of the Year’s mission is to give photographers of all levels with an interest in wildlife and nature a prestigious platform to compete and showcase their work taken in South Africa by creating a unique wildlife and nature competition that aims to make a difference.


Welcome to the South African Photographer of The Year Awards, where excellence in photography meets the spirit of South Africa! We are proud to be the premier platform that recognises and celebrates the exceptional talents of photographers across our diverse nation. With a rich diversity of landscapes, cultures, and stories, we aim to showcase the very best of South African photography on a global stage.

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a hobbyist photographer, the South African Photographer of The Year Awards invites you to be a part of our vibrant community. Capture the essence of South Africa through your lens, share your unique perspective, and compete for the title of South African Photographer of The Year. Let your photographs tell a story that resonate with our nation and a global audience.

Join us on this captivating journey of artistic expression, cultural exploration, and photographic achievement.

Together, we can elevate South African photography to new heights and celebrate the beauty, diversity, and richness that exists in South Africa.


We started the South African Photographer of the Year awards because we believe in promoting South Africa’s incredible nature and wildlife photography at both a professional and hobbyist level.

We want to innovatively make a difference in the tourism industry through showcasing photography as an art form as well as ensuring we are involved in conservation. We have a passion to be known for cultivating a space where our love for South African photography becomes infectious to others.

It is our responsibility to do our bit to reverse the decline of South Africa’s wildlife species by supporting its conservation efforts. Donating funds is a vital focus for SAPOTY, but the competition itself has the potential to inspire people around the globe to care for and help support the country’s ongoing struggle to educate the future nature ambassadors, conserve our wildlife, and help protect the land that supports them. You can learn more about our conservation purpose and find out how you can help us here!