After spending about three hours alone with this female cheetah (Mara) and her sub-adult daughter, they eventually became active at dusk and began scanning the plains. As I sat at eye level, Mara approached while draped by the pastel coloured sky, looked directly over my head and had a great yawn with a grimace before moving on. I knew that I had experienced something special and this photograph of that moment is now extremely special to me.

To spend time with these cheetahs on foot is a very special privilege to have and allows for photography to literally be taken to a different level. This is done in an ethical manner and their behaviour is never altered. Although these cheetahs are totally wild, free and self sustaining, they are habituated to certain people being on foot after years of careful, respectful and ethical viewing.

These cheetahs are important ambassadors of the Endangered Wildlife Trust’s Cheetah Metapopulation Project, ensuring the genetic and demographic integrity of the metapopulation in Southern Africa.