As an avid birdwatcher it is always special to see wild African Black Ducks. These ducks are shy, secretive and prefer faster flowing streams/rivers.
I walked along a river in the North-West province of South Africa and spotted a couple of these ducks feeding between boulders in the middle of the river. It was late in the afternoon and the setting sun made for a nice effect on the streaming river. These ducks normally do not stand still for a photo so I made it a challenge for me to get a photo of the ducks with a slow shutter speed so that the water makes this nice soft effect. The first challenge was for the ducks to get used to me. I spent quite some time with them and tried to predict in which direction they will feed. I had nothing with me except for my camera. I layed down on my side with the chamera balanced as best as I could to prevent any shaking.
I got lucky as one of these ducks stood still on a boulder for a couple of seconds and I managed to take 3 photos.