Ezulwini (meaning “from heaven”) stands here at the foot of the northern reaches of the Drakensberg in Hoedspruit.

He is estimated at 45-50 years old and is already a well know big tusker of the area. With his tusks growing exponentially and still of a young age for such a titan, he is predicted to become a legendary tusker of the greater Kruger area. Not only is he a big tusker but has a reputation of being one of the gentlest around. These factors raise his risks for would be poachers. He is luckily well protected in the private game farms of the greater kruger and is a testament to anti poaching efforts.

Within his lifetime, the land on which he stands was private farm land. Through the efforts of many private land owners, land was restored to its former wild glory and fences dropped all the way to the Kruger National Park. The biggest benefactors must surely be the elephants with their long migratory paths. He’s an icon of the area and an icon for the results of dedicated conservation efforts.

To see him standing at the feet of these unchanged mountains like his ancestors before inspires hope.