This was taken in Berenty National Reserve. It’s one the few places where this particular species of Sifaka has learned to “dance” to get from place to place. Sifaka’s are related to lemurs, but are perfectly adapted to life in the trees, rarely coming to the ground. They are so well adapted for tree life they have not adapted to be able to walk. In Berenty the loss of trees has forced this particular population to travel on the ground to get from one grove of trees to another. So, to do that they have become famously known as “dancing” sifakas as they hop from one place to another. I wanted to see this behavior for myself so I spent the good portion of 2 days following groups of these guys through the forest to see if I could catch them “dancing”. Easier said than done. One particular group crosses a road to get to the forest on the other side. My guide took me to see that group in the afternoon saying they use this route daily to go back home. Sure, enough they family came to the road and I got to see them dance, which was pretty neat, I’ve never seen an animal do that before. The shots with the road looked a bit unnatural to me so my new goal was to get these guys dancing in the forest setting. To do this we had to follow a group through the forest and wait for them to come down from the trees and cross on the ground. It wasn’t until my last morning where the star aligned and we got an amazing shot of these dancing sifakas crossing the spiny forest with a great lighting!