A young female leopard resting eye level on the banks of the Mphongolo loop in the North of Kruger National Park. We were camping at Shingwedzi for the whole of December and we tend to only do short drives around camp. We always drive the S56 Mphongolo loop mainly for the scenery and the density of leopards along the meandering river. We found tracks at a certain waterhole for a few afternoons in a row and decided to slowly drive around that specific point until late afternoon. As we were heading for the end of the loop nearing the waterhole I spotted this leopard sitting a few meters of the road. I immediately switched off the vehicle as I waited to see what she is planning to do. She walked right up to my car and then jumped onto the riverbank and proceeded to lie down a meter from my window. It turns out that it was a female that I was trying to photograph for 2 years and eventually she I got her.