Photographing Lanner Falcons in the Kgalagadi Game reserve, proved to be exceptionally challenging and also fun as tracking these birds was extremely difficult because of the breakneck speed at which they flew towards their prey at the waterholes as the birds descended to drink.
Getting these birds in focus proved to be very difficult as they swooped over the waterhole from all different directions trying to grab an unsuspecting bird which had come down to quench its thirst.
These falcons often missed but never gave up and eventually achieved success and a meal for the day.
This shoot was one of the most exciting photographic moments I experienced at the Kgalagadi Game Reserve.
There were numerous photographs that completely missed the bird or were completely out of focus.
Hours went by with failure followed by failure. My wife even hitched a lift with friends of ours back to the camp, utterly bored with my obsession in getting the photograph I was looking for
But finally, I managed to get one photograph that I was super happy with, depicting the events of the day.
Exhausted but satisfied, I finally returned to the camp, already reported as MIA but finished the day off with a cold beer.