This image is a focus stack made up from two images, one focusing on the mother and one on her calf who was lying half a metre or more behind the front of her nose.

What appears to be a tranquil scene of a rhino calf lying beside his mother is infact the end of a period when the calf behaved in a manner that reminded me of a human toddler. He had tried to put her off drinking by pushing sticks into the water, kicking up dust; storming off into the darkness abd pushing her. When none of this worked he flung himself on the ground (well, he’s a rhino so it was quite a slow fling) and waited to see her reaction. Reactions there were none. This is when this photo was taken, he was keeping an eye open waiting for that reaction. She carried on drinking for a few minutes more before turning and walking back indo the darkness. The calf hurriedly got up and ran after her.