Nzima is a well known leopard of the Timbavati private game reserve. He’s known for being very confident and charging a fair share of trackers who have come too close. Our tracker followed this big cat’s tracks at first light and tracked him into a dry river bed. He summoned our vehicle closer while still hot on Nzima’s path. We followed closely to find our tracker perched on a rock in the riverbed pointing down into some reeds where he believed Nzima to be hiding. We were watching from above on the riverbank as he tried to figure out where Nzima was. In an instant, Nzima charged out of the reeds with a deep guttural snarl, straight past our tracker. Nzima then came casually strolling by as gentle as a housecat, stopping for a second to soak up the morning sun before heading off as if it was another regular morning. We retrieved our tracker who certainly didn’t have a regular morning. He laughed and with a big smile on his face said, “well, that’s Nzima!”. Thank you Themba.