The cheetah is a beautiful, sleek creature, with a slender body and a coat of soft, golden fur. It is looking towards the setting sun, its eyes fixed on the soft pastel glow of light that fills the sky. I am sitting alone at eye level, with my camera trained on the cheetah as it sits in the grass. The cheetah seems completely at ease, its body relaxed and at peace as it watches the sunset.

As the sun sets, the sky fills with a soft, glowing light that seems to bathe the cheetah in a warm, golden glow. The cheetah’s fur seems to shimmer in the light, its sleek, graceful body seeming to almost glow. The light fades, and the cheetah seems to sense that it is time to go, and it stands, its body stretching and flexing as it prepares to move on. The capture this photo of the beautiful, majestic image of the cheetah just before it disappears into the grass, its graceful form fading into the sunset.