An epic rainbow from an epic location. This image was taken a few hundred metres from our camping site at Madonna and her Worshippers, in the Mnweni region of the Drakensberg.

After a gruelling 15km hike from the top of the Amphitheatre we reached this campsite only to find the weather turning foul with high gusts of 60km winds.

Scrambling to set our tents up and to build rock walls to shield us from the wind, the clouds darkened and the thunder and rain came down.

For landscape photographers this sort of weather is like mana of the gods. They are ideal conditions for capturing rainbows when gaps of light break through between squalls.

So, we hunkered in our tents for about 45 minutes waiting for the storm to blow through, hoping for a respite and a gap.

The chance came and I ran out the tent just as a massive rainbow unfurled in the valley below.

What I really like about these shots is you can still see the raindrops pelting us horizontally as I stood on the edge. Quite an apt storytelling element considering the location’s biblical title of the rock formations below.

This was definitely one of my more adventurous rainbow chases in a long time and I hope you enjoy them.