On the quest to learn how to be a Caracal, this animal is the product of the illegal pet trade. Now a resident at Zimanga Private Game Reserve it has the unique experience to explore the wild with the support of dedicated individuals. It spends its days in the grasses and trees, learning to hunt, in a quest to one day return to the wild. This cat is relaxed about people as a result of its experiences so it was not bothered as I wandered in its vicinity one morning as the sun was starting to rise. When the caracal jumped into the dead tree, held pose, and locked eyes with me through my lens, I knew this was my opportunity to tell its story with an eye catching image. The illegal and exotic pet trade is multi billion dollar industry where the animals are often subjected to unhealthy, and often inhumane environments. Fortunately for this cat, its captor was held responsible for this and other animal dealings, giving a new lease on life for this beautiful creature.