In the lush summer vegetation of the northern Greater Kruger National Park of Africa, where the tall, gangly Marabou Stork is stalking its prey. The stork moves slowly and methodically, its long legs carrying it closer and closer to a group of armored crickets that are scurrying about in the grass.

As the stork nears its target, it suddenly lashes out with its long, sharp beak, flipping one of the crickets into the air. The cricket struggles to escape, but the stork is too quick. With a snap of its beak, the stork closes its jaws around the hapless cricket, crushing it with ease.

The stork then lifts its head and swallows the cricket whole, its long, curved neck stretching out as it gulps down its prey. With a satisfied look in its eye, the stork turns and wades back into the grass, ready to hunt for its next meal.