Someone reported hearing a buffalo distress call during the early morning and I followed up on it. I came across fresh lion tracks and followed them for a while and then lost them.I carried on searching in the general direction that the tracks were heading and eventually found a wounded buffalo with two lionesses following it at 06h30. I spent the following 12 hours with the animal. The two lionesses left the wounded animal during the day. Eleven hyenas tried to attack it but they also failed. Late in the afternoon a lone young male lion showed up. It kept a distance but stayed with the buffalo. I figured it might try something after dark and stayed with the buffalo. I switched off all lights and parked nearby, listening. Twelve hours after coming across this wounded buffalo it happened! There was a commotion and when I switched on the lights the lion was on top of the buffalo. A long battle ensued but the young male lion prevailed. This was truly an amazing experience.