On an early morning drive in Mkuze, I stopped to ‘talk’ to a nyala ewe and her calf. As I slowed down, I noticed her ears twitching rapidly clearly trying to pinpoint a sound, so I switched off the car engine. A second or two later, she barked loudly which both took me by surprise but also alerted me to the presence of this leopard. She ran off with her calf while the leopard walked away into the bush while occasionally stopping to look at me with disdain for ruining its attempt to hunt. It walked off in the direction of KuMasinga Hide which was +/- 500 metres away so I carried on driving in the hope that it would appear there.

About 30 minutes later, the leopard did appear at the hide and took its time to come to the water’s edge and drink for a while within a few metres of where I was sitting in the hide. An unbelievable sighting all around, cementing Mkuze and KuMasinga as my favourite spot in KZN.