On a cold winter’s morning in the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, I found the morning’s photography to be slow and so decided to turn my attentions to some of the more common species, such as a herd of Oryx that were kicking up dust and mock fighting. The soft morning light made the dust glow beautifully and I was happy to get some decent shots of them, when suddenly, the tranquil scene quickly turned to chaos. The Oryx started to sprint away from the direction in which I was facing, snorting in protest at something. The next thing I knew a small calf came hurtling towards me, bleating in fear with a Cheetah in hot pursuit. It was panic stations, I had absolutely no time to maneuver the camera nor the vehicle, but luckily, to my astonishment, the cheetah took the calf down right in front of me! The cat was throttling the poor animal but could not get a decent grip to suffocate it. I was then alerted to the calf’s mother, who was waiting close by in panic. With the calf still bleating, the cow circled the Cheetah, and I knew that I had to be ready. In no time, she sprinted towards the cat, lowering her horns to skewer it. In the moment of near contact, the scene erupted in an explosion of dust and stones that seemed to leave a ghostly copy of the cat from its previous position. The Cheetah leaped away in the nick of time, swinging its tail up in an arch of trailing dust.